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don't leave me alone with uncle Fred!

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Still daydream 3 months ago
I always look for videos that are accurate from when i was a teen. My dad and uncle used to touch me just like this. I never made a sound. Thru both would say things like "does that feel good? Mmm that pussy is wet. You want me to stop? That's the pretty pussy I've ever seen. You know you're not supposed to like this right?" That really soft touch made it impossible to say no or make them stop. My body took over. I found myself purposely trying to turn them on so they'd touch me.
3 months ago
I love for him to fuck me. I cummed and squirt while watching
1 month ago
My uncle used to touch me too and still does go this day he used to sneak into my room when I was little and put his dick between my legs and cum in my body he loved seeing me enjoy it and now he shoves it all inside me it’s so yummy
3 months ago
I wish Uncle Fred touched my little body like that too how yummy
2 weeks ago
um yall r being inc3st and are also being graped. wtf you need help. also no i didn’t watch the whole video. get help, honestly.
3 months ago
Tio 3 months ago
MM yes
You all are weird 2 weeks ago
Get a help, this comment section is disgusting
Tio 3 months ago
Eso le hacía a mi sobrina se la pasaba por encima y me venía
Deos 3 months ago
Extraño a esa mujer :( y mi felicidad que se llevó